Solar Nomads are Everywhere:

Solmads are: organisms that (1) are mobile, (2) are energized by the sun, (3) are interconnected—they network. Most animals are solmads while most plants are not. Green plants, the producers, can best take in sunshine while remaining fixed. Solmads get their sun indirectly—are mutualists, commensalists, or parasites, and do better on the move. Solmads are mobile symbionts ("together" + "living"). To hunt and gather, all humans were once solmads. Most humans in the 21st century are not.
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Blogroll of Solmads:

Eric Lee: preparing to leave Tucson, AZ USA
Qiáng Lei
Nala Kipsigei
Heike Müller
Lazarus Long


 allows human solmads to know of one another—to connect. This site is basically a stub at present. If there is only one solmad who will blog about their travels, then no need to develop a multi-blog site. Doing so is doable, but would be pointless. If you are a solmad of sorts, one who eschews hyper-consumption and the high-power life, full or part time, who would like to connect with similar others, then contact If there are more than two human solmads, then a multi-blog site it will be.